Our Founder

Kathryn Frorer, founder and head tutor, graduated from Princeton University ’18 with a Cum Laude degree in Neuroscience. Kathryn has also worked as a professional actress and has a talent for engaging with people.

KAM Headshot
Kathryn received a 2390 on the old SAT, which converts to a 1600 on the new SAT’s. She also received a 790 on the Literature Subject Test and a 780 on the Mathematics Level II Subject Test.

Before starting her own company, Kathryn tutored with MJ Test Prep and Princeton Tutoring. A copy of Kathryn’s resume can be found HERE.

Kathryn studied learning and memory at Princeton, and incorporates her understanding of the brain into her tutoring style. She employs multiple tactics to motivate her students and help them tackle the material without getting frustrated.

One of Kathryn’s favorite compliments from a pre-calculus student was, “You make this so much less hateful!”


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